Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Child's Pose and the Art of chillin.

Child's Pose is one of my favorite poses. It is super easy and I enjoy doing it right before bed for relaxation. Chilling and relaxation is super important. Many times, it can be hard to turn it off and really get into a deep level of relaxation. This pose always helps me and is a beginner pose that everyone can do. I prefer to do the variation where my arms are stretched out on front. Always listen to your body and do what feels right. Yoga is no time to be a touch chick and the poses are not about being super flexible. Go as far as your body tells you. The most important thing is to inhale and exhale slowly throughout. Breathing is the goal.


  1. It feels soooo good to go from Down/Up Dog to Child's Pose! I also prefer the variation with arms extended in front---get a great lat stretch in addition to lumbar decompression.

  2. yes!! its a great transition pose after downward dog. the stretch is amazing.