Friday, November 4, 2011

meditation all around.

Many people hear the word meditation and automatically imagine burning incense, candles, dark room and soft music. While, all those things can help to create a sense of calm, what is truly needed to meditate is just commitment and focus. I remember as a young girl watching my grandma sit on the couch in her living room with her eyes closed. She did this while all her grandkids ran around screaming and playing. Her house, like most grandma's of past was the meeting place and beehive for the entire family. There was always someone there, always someone cooking and lots of family activities.

My granny would sit for hours with her eyes closed silently. I remember sneaking around her to grab something I wanted on a side table. I told my cousin, "Granny is sleeping, I will sneak over and get it." My grandma opened her eyes instantly and said "Every shut eye ain't sleep." We all ran off laughing, not really comprehending what she meant. I was probably ten years old, and that moment has stayed with me all these years. I now understand that my granny was meditating. She was quietly sitting in her center and basically "getting her mind right." I love meditation for the calm it provides and for the peace it can bring.

Meditation and yoga are closely connected. If you take a yoga class, you will participate in meditation. Breathing and listening to my body are two main reasons why I love yoga. Recently,I have been experimenting with walking meditation and have enjoyed how clear my mind feels after.

Please check out this video of one of my imaginary BFF's, Malika Chopra, the daughter of the amazing Deepak Chopra. Try doing it every morning or whenever the feeling hits you. Do it on the couch, like my grandma with noise all around you. Settle your mind.

Do you meditate? What is your process?

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  1. Funny thing is i only recently discovered i've meditated all my life. I'm in meditation when i am running and i am a runner so im in meditation a lot. Clear mind, listening to my body, and the nature around me. In a pure state of peace with myself, my life, and the world around me.